Everyone has a kitchen, right? Some people love spending time in their kitchen coming up with culinary delights. If you’re a gadget fan, then here we’ll be looking at some of the latest home gadgets to have in your kitchen.

The kitchen is often a meeting point for friends you invite over so having a talking point some cool gadget is a great conversation starter.


A juicer can help you lose weight and feel great by juicing fruits and vegetables to create nutrient rich drinks you can drink for break, lunch or indeed whenever. Juicer guru’s such as Jason Vale have helped make juicers be widely used daily thanks to the benefits drinking fresh juice has.

Automatic Sensor Bin

How cool is it, when you want to throw some rubbish away, your bin will automatically open to accept your deposit, then close a few seconds afterwards? Well, that’s what a sensor bin will do and undoubtedly will get commented on from your friends who see it in action. Take a look a some reviews of sensor bins here https://www.sensorbins.net.

Fruit Slicing

Trying to get your kids to eat fresh fruit is sometimes hard but the task can be made easier by using a fruit slicer which cuts fruit up into small, manageable chunks for your little ones to enjoy. Whether it’s sliced banana, apple or indeed any type of fruit, a fruit slicer can make the tasks of chopping up fruit just that little bit easier. They often come in funky shapes and colours e.g yellow banana shaped for, well bananas!

Herb scissors

If you enjoy herbs in your food but hate having to chopping them with a knife in the conventional way, then herb scissors make this job much easier. With multiple blades, the herb scissors make light work of chopping up your herbs into small pieces.

Custom rolling pins

For the ultimate in personalised food. A custom rolling pin can be engraved with a name, for example your child’s name and used to imprint cookie or shortbread dough with their name. How cool is that?

Egg moulds

If a standard fried egg looks boring to you then you can make it look more interesting with different shaped mould. Now your fried egg can be star-shaped, heart-shaped or perfectly round, with silicone mould.

Need ice in your drinks? Don’t go with the standard shaped ice cube trays, try diamond shaped ice or even 3D skulls! Your friends will be impressed.

Novelty tea infusers

If you love your tea and want to attract comment while tea is brewing for a friend, then a novelty tea infuser will do just that. You can get a variety of fun infusers including animal shapes.

Smiley face pancake pan

If your kids love pancakes, they love them even more when you serve them with smiley faces, thanks to a smiley face pancake pan, with a range of emojis to select from.

We hope you enjoyed this article about just some of the cool kitchen gadgets you can have in your home.…

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